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Just Another Day (WGS406CD) - released 2014
WITH: Anahata, Brenda Burnside, Jon Dyer, Mary Eagle,
Keith Kendrick, Barry Lister, Matt Norman, Paul Sartin.
Songs from Cpt. Lewis and Ctp. Vickery, collected over 100 years ago in Minegead by Cecil Sharp, together with three songs written in 2014 for the Minehead Harbour Project.
TRACKS: A Minehead Lad, The Bonny Bunch of Roses,
Hunting the Hare, Spanish Ladies, The Sea Captain,
Moll o' the Wood, The Isle of France, The London Man o' War,
Franklin, The Lark in the Morning, Heave Away My Johnnie,
The Greenland Fishery, Reilly, The Devonshire Girls,
Just Another Day.

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Beyond the Quay (WGS358CD) - released 2008
WITH: Keith Kendrick, The Askew Sisters, Joan Holloway, Malcolm Woods.
TRACKS: The Chesapeake and Shannon,  Tarry Trousers,
 Padstow Bar to Lundy Light/Wreck of the Montagu,
 The Bold Princess Royal,  The Herring’s Head,  Little Fishes,  The Death of Nelson The Watchet Sailor,  Young Susan,
Bonnie Sailor Laddie , The Spirits of George’s Bank,
Short Song Set: (Americans at Sea/I Couldn’t Care Less/ Out in the Lifeboat/Billy Flynn/We’ll Have Another Drink) ,  The Blackbird,  The Ship In Distress,  Firing the Mauritania,
The Convict Maid/10,000 miles.
West Country Night Out (WGS347CD) - 2007
A compilation of favourite West Country tracks - drawn from each of Tom & Barbara's previous CDs, PLUS nine previously unreleased tracks (*).
TRACKS: *Lamorna*Dorset 4-hand Reel Bridgwater Fair Egloshayle Ringers Sir Francis Drake/The Bold Privateer Dartmoor Song *Tavistock Guzie Fayre When Mother and Me Joined In *Me Old Game Cock *Widdecombe Fair Where Umber Flows Mortal Unlucky Ol' Chap Bampton Fair *Seeds Of Love Soap, Starch & Candles Pleasant and Delightful *Barnstaple Fair Wives Of St. Ives *The Watchet Sailor *The Farmer's Boy March Of The Men Of Devon.
Tide of Chamge (WGS332CD) - released 2005
WITH:  Anahata, Lynne Heraud, Joan and Keith Holloway, Ralph Jordan, Barry Lister, Paul Sartin.
TRACKS: Sound of Singing (Eric Bogle), The Little Gipsy Girl, Bampton Fair (Paul Wilson), The Cluster of Nuts, Barbara Allen,  Bread & Cheese & Cider,  Bridgwater Fair,  Song of the Flail (trad./B. Brown),  When Mother & Me Joined In (A.J.Coles), Tide of Change (Hilary Bix), Exe Barle and Bray (T. Brown/Dove), Lowlands of Holland, Rusty Ol’ Knife/March of the Men of Devon, In Friendship’s Name.
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Prevailing Winds (WGS306CD) - released 2002 
WITH: Melanie Barber, Cathy Barclay, Brenda Burnside, John Garrick, Keith Holloway, Ralph Jordan, Barry Lister, Francis Verdigi, Rowan Walker-Brown, Malcolm Woods, Charley Yarwood.
TRACKS: Coming-in Song (Barrie Temple), Cottage Well Thatched With Straw, The Farmer & His Wife, Devon & Somerset Staghounds, Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime, Soap Starch & Candles, Louisa’s Journey (Rachelle Jeffs), Down In The Diving Bell, Bitter Withy, Tithe Pig, Egloshayle Ringers, The Man of Dover, Nancy Myles (Kevin Sheerin), Sir Francis Drake/The Bold Privateer, Pleasant & Delightful.
Where Umber Flows (WGS300CD) - released 2000
WITH: Chris Bartram, Brenda Burnside, Anni Fentiman, Lynne Heraud, Keith Holloway, Keith Kendrick, Barry Lister, Freya Walker Brown, Dave Webber, Charley Yarwood
TRACKS: Mortal Unlucky Ol’ Chap, Dartmoor Song (Bob Cann), Cornish Ploughboys, Green Cockade, Where Umber Flows (B. Brown), Unquiet Grave, Wives Of St. Ives, Take Your Time (Pete Munday), Flying Cloud (trad./Mick Slocombe), Norton New Bell Wake (trad./Dick Brice), Silbury Hill (Will Meade/trad.), Keenly Lode, Jordan, Centenary March.