‘Excellent and distinctive music.’ ‘Chanteyranger’, Mudcat Café
‘Lovely harmonies and excellent accompaniments.’ Folk on the Moor, Dartmoor
‘Their performance is always entertaining, informative, humorous and highly musical, their sense of fitting arrangement nothing short of inspired. The use of harmony is earthy and exciting, always full of power and punch!’
Keith Kendrick, Traditions @ the Tiger Newsletter
‘I really enjoyed not just the singing but the repertoire which is refreshingly different to anything we usually hear.’ Liz Randall of Travelling Folk
‘Guitars, concertina, melodeon, strong voices and an upbeat presentation accompany an intimate knowledge of the West Country and its music and songs. Fine singers, giving us achingly beautiful harmonies to subtle instrumental accompaniment: fine ballads with utterly charming and irresistible melodies, comic songs with catchy choruses, all firmly in the English tradition.’ Rob Strawson, Folklife West
‘Traditional songs as they ought to be sung.’ Chanticleer FC, Dorking
‘Tom is a fine instrumental player. Both Tom and Barbara have strong, expressive voices. Their unaccompanied harmony singing is a delight.’ Beaford Arts, Devon
‘Their songs... are full of variety, both colourful and humorous. Name the topic and they have a song for it.  Some excellent harmonising, singing and playing. The goodly number present enjoyed it, finding it uplifting and heartwarming. A rich and refreshing wholesome brew.’ John McLeod, John o’ Groats Journal
‘Quite apart from the unusual material, excellent musicianship and fine singing, you go away from a Tom and Barbara gig thinking, "Yes, it was nice just being with them tonight - a pleasure to be in their company."’ Clive Pownceby, Bothy FC, Southport
‘If you enjoy top quality harmony singing, you’ll love this act... Superb musicians with a great repertoire of traditional songs from the British Isles.’ The Hoy at Anchor FC, Leigh-on-Sea
‘With unusual material, excellent musicianship and fine singing.  A fine evening of down-to-earth, life-enhancing entertainment.’ Sue Roberts, Artservice
‘Loads of lovely chorus songs and chat from these much-admired and powerful traditional and contemporary singers. They’ve been. before and gave us a brilliant night.’ Hyde FC, Plymouth
‘I always really look forward to seeing and hearing Tom and Barbara, for their special brand of west-country warmth ensures a wholly personable welcome every time and their years of experience (and intense enjoyment) of singing folk music bring an immediacy and freshness to every performance they give. They’re also two of the finest singers on the folk scene; each is blessed with a wonderfully strong, rich and earthy tone of voice and a definitive, innate grasp of harmony to complement their solidity of melodic line. What’s more, they have an unerring instinct for a good song, and - every bit as important - a great sense of which songs truly suit their voices and style of presentation. Their richness of tone is mirrored in the rich diversity of material that they perform, all fitting comfortably within The Tradition (in its widest sense), and all grist to the mill of folk song you might say.’ David Kidman, NetRhythms
Many thanks for providing a wonderful show which was enjoyed by all. Feedback from villagers has all been positive. This Farming Life is certainly one of the performances we will apply for next year!’ Ian Cartlidge, Ashby Magna Village Hall
It was a really great night in every way, we all loved the performance - the content was first rate, Tom and Barbara have incredible voices and delivery... I was at a ...party in the village the next day, and everyone who was at This Farming Life came up to me to rave about the performance - I have never known this before! Sample comments were: ‘Fantastic performance’, ‘Wonderful evening out’, ‘Absolutely great’, ‘The best night out I’ve ever had’ - and the person who said that is in his 60s! Lovely people to work with, very professional, good publicity sent out when requested. I cannot speak too highly of their performance. What a super night out!’  Susan Rowe, Aslockton Community Association
Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the show - I’ve had trouble getting round the village today - they all wanted to tell me how marvellous it was. We’d love to have you back for another show.’ Ian Bellion, Feckenham Village Hall
Just a quick note to say again a BIG THANK YOU for a wonderful, magical and memorable evening at Eastham on Friday which was very special; the venue and the audience could hardly have been more appropriate for your show and it was so much appreciated. The following is a small snippet of my recollections which I wrote this morning. "A lovely evening to treasure with Tom and Barbara and all the audience singing "To Be a Farmer's Boy" at the end, with gusto, going away talking and reminiscing. The promoter told us that there were many farming families in the audience (in which there were men and women) who hadn't been allowed to marry as the farm was their life, and came first. It echoed some of the archive footage to a degree which would have seemed 'set up' if it hadn't been true...  this is what art and rural touring is all about; connections in abundance."  Thank you once again for the whole tour. Sue Roberts, Artservice