Giglist and other bookings
In theory, this page gives Tom and Barbara's upcoming events.
It should be updated monthly - we'll see!!  Last updated 19/4/2016
[Previously last updated 8/3/2015: SEE - I KNEW IT WOULDN'T WORK!]
Sadly, due to illness, we have had to cancel all our work for the first half of 2016 - you can't take money from people if you can't guarantee a reasonable standard from your voice! The voices are improving, so we hope they will be back to reliability after that! Many thanks to the people who have stepped in to ensure that nobody was let down. The following are still in the diary, however:
August 5-12 Broadstairs Folk Week (masses of events, but we do daily: morning Face the Music interviews with guests, and evening singarounds)
October 14-16 Give Voice (a singing weekend @ Halsway Manor. Hosted by us, with John Kirkpatrick, Benny Graham. Bonny & Sylvia Sartin)